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This is a place where I upload things pertaining to my story, Apastron.
For now, it's spoiler-free, and just a way to air out all my thoughts about it. There will be excerpts, inspiration, music, art, and me talking about the story / writing in general.

Apastron is a story about dimensions, glitches, friendship, amnesia, treasure and ghosts in the system.

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hey hey its worldbuilding june!! i am going to try and respond to the daily prompts, or post some sort of alternate informational post if the daily prompt doesnt inspire me. i have a really long and muddled post on some of the monsters (malomorphs) in apastron that ive been trying to coax into something readable for awhile, so perhaps that will show up soon? i also was thinking about writing about how apastron has changed since i first started working on it my sophomore year (its barely even the same story!) since i re-discovered an old notebook full of stuff that i was planning, and i thought it was interesting. u v u 


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more drabbles in the same style as last night later maybe

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an experimental drabble from earlier today (i am not fully satisfied with it but i am trying to adjust my writing style visibly during certain parts of the story so ) (also it takes place ambiguously after something Bad has happened i guess )


Lucy stopped being able to sleep at night because little bits of Cass kept pushing in through the crack of space under the door. Instead she stayed in bed all night with her eyes closed and her coat over her, never putting her foot on the ground because she was afraid that whatever was down there would skitter up her leg and lay next to her in bed like a body that thought it belonged there. Fortunately the days in between the nights were slow and bright and Lucy caught naps in closets and chairs between training sessions and lunches with Nate and by the time night came she would be fully resigned to what waited for her up there. 

One night when the wilder parts of Cass had started to run up and down the hallway on four legs Lucy moved downstairs to lie on the couch which was warm with heavy red memories of the girl who had left them. On the staircase she saw three sets of headlight eyes watching her steadily and she wouldn’t sleep and the eyes wouldn’t breathe and the group of them could not break eye contact. At two in the morning, Cin came down the stairs with Lucy’s coat and together they both laid underneath it drawing shallow breaths from each other. Lucy couldn’t shut her eyes so Cin shifted to cover them for her, and eventually when Cin began to shiver Lucy rubbed her hands together until negative space felt warm again. She thought she might lay there on watch with him all night but at half past four she closed her eyes for a moment and when she opened them again the sun was rising pink through the curtains and she was very alone. Her coat was still on her but it felt stretched and the room a little less dusty and the couch cooler and she herself had the acute feeling she was missing something important.

She laid there for some time before a distant crying commanded her to rise again. Three pair of eyes followed her as she went up the stairs.

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fuckin pain in the ass fuckin clouds: yes yes yes old style uniforms with modern materials which would make...


yes yes yes old style uniforms with modern materials 

which would make a lot of sense considering the head of the whole place loooves old world stuff (all the children have old world names like lucy and cassandra because They Are Timeless or whatever) 

so yes take the piping and fancy lapels and double-breasted coats and remake it in dark colors and stealth suits and bulletproof fabric, add high necks and additional vests and hoods and moon boots and wrist stabilizers and all the little communitech jewelry stitched in


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parkour is a popular recreational activity in one of the more densely populated city lands of apastron, mainly because the tight quarters and crowded living conditions don’t lend themselves well to most sports and other activities which require large open spaces. manhunt is another popular choice, particularly among elementary school-aged children. 

a particular group calling themselves the “roof runners” are a well-known exclusive parkour pack which goes on long missions and sprees during the evenings. in order to join the roof runners, members must be recruited and/or pass several induction tests. 

opinions on the roof runners vary amongst the population, but children with a rebellious streak and a knack for parkour idolize them. 

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thetrifrmphm replied your post thetrifrmphm replied your post notes on the prequel; or, how i learned to stop worrying and love the savior
I’m just really excited and intrigued by apastron ahhhhhhHHHH

SPEAKING OF EXCITED AND INTRIGUED you need to do more stuff on the spiderweb worlds o u o

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thetrifrmphm replied your post notes on the prequel; or, how i learned to stop worrying and love the savior

and by me liking this I actually mean: holy shit holy fucking shit this is blowing my mind and I feel like this belongs with all the other great fantasy/sci fi mythos and epics and ????????????? holy shit /holy shit/

jesus christ you are way too kind <_________>

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notes on the prequel; or, how i learned to stop worrying and love the savior

Why the hell should we worry about the prequel, when we don’t even know what happens to the Apastron crew? Even though the exact details of the story are never directly related in the text of Apastron, the events of the prequel set the stage for that entire world. There’s a lot of really interesting shit that I’ve been developing as I’ve been formulating the story of the prequel, from religions to basis for the circumstances that set Apastron into motion.

The prequel, which is unnamed and shall henceforth be referred to as TUAP for “the unnamed Apastron prequel,” takes place several years into our future after an initially unnamed catastrophe has triggered a semi-apocalypse. The story takes place in a single town, one that was particularly badly hit by loss, and is essentially cut off from the rest of the world following the catastrophe and the Panic. It follows a girl by the name of Blaire Kingston, whose family was killed in the catastrophe.

I’m going to give the brief overview of the story—more of a myth—that is given in Apastron. 

After the Catastrophe, a great and terrible presence by the name of Adios arrived in Blaire’s town. He struck a deal with the townspeople: one game. Winners would be given passage to a safe place. Losers would be left to die. The townspeople, believing that they had a better chance of survival at the game than just sitting around, accepted. 

As it turned out, the game was as great and terrible as the force that had ushered it in. A puzzle-solving, monster-slaying RPG—one that was real, and was bending reality right in their very town. What was more, the game forced townspeople against each other, and every time they began to come out on top, it would change and begin to work against them. 

The story goes that Blaire—leading a band of followers and teammates she had gained—rose up and began to fight against the game itself, and, by extension, Adios, the force that had brought it upon them. Well, of course they could not hope to fight and win against Adios, as he was far more powerful than they could ever be. So Blaire struck a deal with Adios himself, one that would deliver the townspeople from him, in exchange for her. Different stories tell different versions of her sacrifice; some say she simply disappeared, or went with Adios somewhere she couldn’t be found. Others say she left behind a body. 

Her lanky, frost-white-haired visage is remembered as a symbol of bravery, sacrifice and deliverance: in Apastron-era, she’s been raised to somewhat of a sainthood, and there is even a religion built around her that has recently been growing in influence. 

Of course, that’s the rosy way of telling it all. St. Blaire—the Savior—and her crew caused a fair bit of trouble, and Blaire herself was hardly a saint—actually, it’d be more apt to call her a serious troublemaker. Furthermore, though she’s often painted as brave and selfless, her reasons for rebelling against the game were somewhat self-serving. There was also plenty of regular Stupid Teen Drama to deal with, none of which is ever covered in retellings of her adventures. 

Anyway! The tale of St. Blaire is a common one that is told throughout the Apastron series. I can’t tell the details of it (can’t even really tell you about all the shit they got wrong) but it’s been reasonably influential in the circumstances that the crew find themselves in. There is reasonable evidence that Blaire had a very big hand—on purpose or inadvertently, we don’t know—in the present instability of the universe, and may have indirectly caused the bonds of the universe to break and stratify into dimensions as they did. 

The other interesting thing is that white hair is now commonly associated with heroicism, selflessness, bravery, and questants. Lucy, Nate and Cass all begin the series with reasonably dark hair and a few white strands, but their hair slowly begins to lose its pigmentation as the series wears on and they fight more bugs and travel in the rifts. This serves the dual purpose of both “aging” them (since we typically associate white hair with growing old, and hypopigmentation with defects) and elevating them in the eyes of many of the more devout people they encounter from meddling kids to blessed questants.

I might go into TUAP a bit more later, but for now that’s the basis for the backstory and should help to understand Apastron a bit better. 

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why always the wall?: okay fuck it ill just explain even though no one asked so i can...


okay fuck it ill just explain even though no one asked so i can continue to talk vaguely about this on my blog

apastron takes place way way in the future and thats the story im starting with about glitches in the universe

the prequel takes place only slightly more in the future than what it is now and is about a post-apocalyptic (only partially apocalyptic, but yeah) reality-bending puzzle game where townsfolk are pitted against each other to survive

the prequel-prequel is about the actual apocalypse that kills a large majority of the town and follows the characters for the last half hour of their lives 

this is the inevitable future for all the other YA shit that i write in the present 

and now you know

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another summary, this time updated and more specific

a few nights ago i was talking to snowie and kuri in one of kuri’s streams and we started talkin about stories 

i was prompted to give an explanation of what apastron was about so i hammered one out that is much more succinct and updated than what i had previously posted so i figured

why not post it!

Bonnie: welll

Bonnie: the idea is that there are these big monsters that float around the multiverse

Bonnie: and latch onto universes

Bonnie: and feed off their energy

Bonnie: and then use that energy to give birth to new universes

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